Food supplements – authentic or fake?

Did you know that many vitamin and mineral supplements on the market today are fake.  This is how so many suppliers can sell their products so cheaply.  Bulking agents and fillers are used and many sellers are unable to track and trace their wholesale supplies.

Unfortunately, food supplements are not regulated like pharmaceuticals so this market is open for fake products and can be detrimental to your health.

Contamination or fraud can occur in four areas where things can go wrong in the supplement supply chain:

  1. Products are deliberately produced to be counterfeits.
  2. Expired products are sold as still effective or relabelled.
  3. Stolen products are resold at a greatly reduced price.
  4. Third party sellers tamper with the product.

It is unknown how widespread this issue is due to the weak links in the supplement supply chain listed above.

In a DNA bar-coding 2013 study on 44 randomly selected popular supplements, 48 percent of the supplements contained what was printed on the labels.  Additionally, one-third of these same supplements contained fillers or contaminants not listed on the label, and some of which can create a serious health risks to consumers. This particular study found only two of the twelve companies had products that were exactly as they said they were on the bottle.  Shocking wouldn’t you say?

You needn’t be worried with SolQi – Energy for Life products.  Extensive research has gone into a supply chain where every product added to your supplements is tracked and traced to the point of origin.   They contain the highest quality ingredients and are manufactured in the UK under GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and ISO 9001 standards, and so are quality assured. The organic range is also Soil Association certified.

And once you have found a product that works for you – then the natural thing is to sing its praises.  SolQi recognises this and are so confident with their products, they want to ‘Share the Love‘ with you and everyone else who would love to trust their supplements.  A generous 20% for all referrals is offered to you when your friends and family sign up to ‘Share the Love‘ and that’s not all.  When their friends and family sign up too, you still keep receiving a percentage from their purchases.

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